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Melissa Mathieu is a digital illustrator based in Montreal, Quebec. She has always found great pleasure and fun in drawing. Her artistic references and inspiration come from fashion editorials, Japanese animations, gastronomy, personal memories, and cute aesthetics. Her style revolves mostly around watercolors, pastel colors, as well as soft and cute looks and concepts. She mainly works with self-portraits and illustrations of black women but enjoys working on a great variety of subject matters. Her illustrations have been featured in The Montreal Gazette, Bust Magazine and Groupe Media TFO. Her work can also be found in the recent book Hibiscus (2021) and the children's book Lili-Rose: La Rencontre. Melissa has a particular talent for capturing the essence of her characters with great facial expressions and expressive body language.

*Version française à la page suivante*


Festival D'arts Afro-Québecois (2021 - 2022)

Grow Still Auction (2020)

Festival D'art de Montréal-Nord (2013)


Selected Clients

Groupe Média TFO

Une école montréalaise pour tous (UEMPT)

Ville de Montréal/ Bibliothèque Pierrefonds-Roxboro  

Montreal Gazette

Fédération Autonome de l'Enseignement (FAE)

Forum Jeunesse Afro Québecois

Bust Magazine

Living Hyphen


& more


Prix Black Designer of Canada Award of Excellence (2021)

Prix Charles Gagnon Award / Concordia University - Communication studies Department  (2020)

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